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People and programs 04/05/2024

“FoodFit has changed our lives and our health. We are no longer a processed food family. We have incorporated fruits, greens, seeds, different proteins into our daily lives. I plan and am conscious of what comes in the house and into our mouths.” – FoodFit participant

Ensuring everyone can live their healthiest life, regardless of income, is critical. 

This year's World Health Day theme, "My Health, My Right," fits perfectly with what Community Food Centres Canada's FoodFit program is all about. This program believes that health and well-being are universal rights. Often, health promotion programs don't fully consider the realities of those living in poverty. But FoodFit does. FoodFit helps those who find it hard to eat well and stay active because of their financial constraints.

FoodFit shows how good food can make us healthier and brings people from different backgrounds together. Over 12 weeks, participants learn, move, cook, and eat together. This helps everyone take control of their health and well-being in a way that makes sense for them.

Each session also offers practical tips to help people keep up their new habits after the program ends. As one participant shared, “FoodFit has helped me be more aware of the small daily choices that I can make towards living a healthier lifestyle.” 

Guided by experienced instructors, participants delve into nutrition fundamentals, goal-setting, and ways to increase their overall well-being. People leave FoodFit knowing how to make healthy food that’s tasty, easy and within their budget. 

With this holistic and rights-based approach, FoodFit has significantly improved community health and well-being across the country.

“I have made dramatic food changes in my life, making healthier choices and being physically active. I love my new choices that make my lifestyle more beneficial for me and my children, family and friends. My health has improved on everything.” – FoodFit participant

Here are some highlights of the program over the years:

  • 219 programs implemented in 28 communities across the country, supporting over 2,600 individuals.
  • Nearly 75% of participants say they're healthier mentally and physically. 64.11% manage their chronic health conditions more effectively.
  • After the program, 87% kept a healthier eating habit, and 76% stayed active.
    Additionally, 68% of participants maintained connections with fellow participants.

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