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We measure healthy food access

9/10 say their CFC provides an important source of healthy food.

We measure a sense of belonging

9/10 feel like they belong to a community.

We measure well-being

8/10 say their mental and physical health has improved.

We measure comfort in the kitchen

9/10 feel more confident preparing food for themselves or others.

We measure the good food movement

300% growth in our Good Food Organization movement from coast to coast to coast.

We measure civic engagement

3,000 Canadians wrote to their MPs to demand progressive policy change in our Beyond Hunger campaign.

What community members had to say:

“The food brings back memories of my mom. I find everyone to be friendly. When I am a little down, I will come here and see staff smiling. It reminds me that life can still be good.”

— Community member, NorWest CFC, Winnipeg

“Before I started I was kind of a shut in, and once I came in people were warm and my contribution mattered. I was a part of something.”

— Community member, The North Grove CFC, Dartmouth

“As a newcomer, [the CFC is] helping me to meet people and to get to know the town as a community. The staff makes you feel welcome.”

— Community member, The Table CFC, Perth

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