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Advocacy & Issues 10/17/2022

Today, Bill C-22, a crucial bill for people with disabilities, was debated again in Parliament. There have already been too many delays. We need to keep the pressure on MPs to get it passed.

50 per cent of people who are food insecure in Canada have a disability. That’s why we’ve been working with Disability without Poverty and a coalition of other organizations to push MPs to pass this bill without delay.

The passing of Bill C-22 would create the Canada Disability Benefit – a lifeline for the 1.5 million people with disabilities living in poverty across Canada. The benefit would ensure that Canadians with disabilities could stay above the poverty line and afford life’s basic needs, including nourishing food.

You can add your voice to this growing movement. Send your MP a letter asking them to end disability poverty today!

What’s happening with Bill C-22?

In June, Nick Saul, CEO of Community Food Centres Canada, and Rabia Khedr, National Director of Disability Without Poverty, co-authored a Toronto Star op-ed urging Parliament to take swift action and implement Bill C-22.

When Parliament paused for the summer, we were hopeful that MPs would feel the pressure from Disability Without Poverty’s letter-writing campaign and make the reintroduction of Bill C-22 a top priority.

In September, we were pleased to learn that the second reading of Bill C-22 was the first order of business for returning MPs.

Next steps: take action now!

That’s a great first step, but there’s a long way to go. The bill will have to pass through many different stages in both the House and the Senate before it becomes law. There are lots of ways it can get delayed or stalled along the way.

Canadians living with disabilities simply can’t afford any more delays. So we’re once again urging MPs to fast-track Bill C-22 and create the Canada Disability Benefit by 2023. 

Let’s keep the pressure on. Join us, along with Disability Without Poverty, advocates and allies in Ottawa on Wednesday, October 19 at the Rally for the Canada Disability Benefit and let’s make our voices heard.

And, if you can’t make it in person, write to your MP and tell them to get Bill C-22 passed

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