Good Food Changes Everything

COVID-19 continues to affect our lives, work, and access to public spaces. And the stark divisions in our society have become even more visible. 

Recent public discussions around government assistance, minimum wage, mental health, and who gets the safety of working from home point to inequities etched deep into our social fabric. 

These are not new conversations. But they’re more pronounced during these times. 

For close to a decade, Community Food Centres Canada has been working to re-imagine the role food can play in low-income communities. With more than 200 partners in 175 communities across the country, we’re building a new approach.


In Canada, we have come to rely on food charity as a solution to people falling between the cracks. However, charity often leaves people with an unstable, unhealthy supply of food and very little choice. Over the long-term, this grinds down health, self-esteem, relationships, and the ability to fully participate in society.  

Community Food Centres respond at the grassroots level to food insecurity and social exclusion. At the same time, we fight at the national level for progressive income policy. This includes better wages and more stable jobs, stronger social assistance and benefits, and a range of other social supports. 

During the pandemic, our partner Community Food Centres have pivoted to emergency food aid. This short-term solution has kept people fed but does not offer long-term change. 

Across the country, our partners are eager to shift back to what they do best: bringing people together around good food in gardens, kitchens, and dining rooms - while fighting for equity.

We are eager to support them in this mission. 

Join us in re-imagining what a food-secure, income-secure future looks like.  

Let’s turn the generosity and empathy seen in the emergency aid response into system-wide change. Working together, we can create a dignified and equitable society. 

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