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"I feel like I can help my community." - community member, Hamilton

Education and engagement programs support people to get involved in the issues that matter to them, and equip them with the tools they need to take action. They support people to build skills they need to become advocates for themselves and for their communities, and foreground opportunities for them to lead in the push for social change. 54% of people surveyed have become more engaged in community issues since coming to their Community Food Centre.
Community advocacy office: Through this program, people can access the support, resources, and referrals they need to overcome challenges they’re facing in their lives. Trained peer advocates with lived experience of poverty themselves, provide support on topics such as affordable housing and social assistance in ways that are respectful and relevant to community members.

Community Action Training: This is 12-week program designed to help people develop the skills they need to stand up for their rights and take leadership on issues important to them. The program’s curriculum covers topics ranging from conflict resolution to understanding social movements to the social determinants of health. Each program is designed to in response to local needs and issues.

Social justice clubs: These programs provide opportunities for people to come together in a supportive space to discuss and learn about social issues in their communities, as well as identify ways to take action on them. Social justice club members play a key role in organizing and implementing public awareness campaigns.


Public awareness and advocacy campaigns:  Through these initiatives, community members are working together to move the dial on the systemic issues that contribute to poverty and inequality.

Check out our illustrated guide to our education and engagement programs.

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