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People and programs 04/15/2019

When Janice O’Born was growing up, she was encouraged to give back to her community - a practice she brought with her to The Printing House, where she now works as the Chairman of the company’s Charitable Office. 

A strong believer in the power of volunteering, Janice has guided The Printing House’s charitable arm to support thousands of charities since 1985, and is especially passionate about individuals and organizations that work to improve community health and education. 

This past holiday season, The Printing House chose Community Food Centres Canada as a charitable partner for its Charitable Greeting Card Campaign, an effort that saw close to 14,000 holiday-themed cards sold and raised over $39,000 for our programs. 

The generously donated funds will be used to support FoodFit, a 12-week healthy eating and exercise program for people living on low incomes that aims to reduce the barriers they face around living a healthy lifestyle. 

“The Charitable Office supports charitable organizations such as Community Food Centres Canada as food is vital to us all,” says Janice.  “No matter our circumstances, we all need food and there are so many in Canada who have little or none. Without food centres how would those in need, fare?” 

Thanks to The Printing House’s incredible support, our FoodFit program will continue to grow, offering more participants an opportunity to get involved by setting empowering, achievable, and sustainable health goals in a fun and supportive environment. 

Looking for ways that your company can make an impact on communities across Canada? Contact Danielle Goldfinger at

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