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People and programs 09/24/2018

“Volunteering at the Community Food Centre was a great chance to connect on a different level and to do something meaningful within our community.”

Weight Watchers recently launched WW Good, a global movement encouraging their members to get involved in their communities and help make health and wellness accessible to all. As part of the initiative, Weight Watchers Canada is supporting Community Food Centres Canada to increase access to healthy food in low-income communities. 

In August, 46 Weight Watchers members from across the country spent the afternoon in the gardens at Community Food Centres in Hamilton, Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood, Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, and Stratford. 

“They were real troopers and helped water and weed like champs,” says Joanna Tschudy, Garden Skills Coordinator at The Alex Community Food Centre. “We had time to enjoy a nice meal after and talk about their connections to Weight Watchers—and now to CFCC and The Alex—and what they took away from their morning with us. Very powerful insight and heartfelt sharing. I really hope to see them all again soon.”

Sandy, a Weight Watchers member who volunteered at Regent Park Community Food Centre, said the most memorable part of the experience was learning more about the centre’s programs. “Those who wish to share a meal with others or are in need of a meal, simply come in and take a seat. Volunteers greet everyone and serve meals to them. No need to register or stand in line. It’s important to the centre that people are treated with dignity,” she says. “Opportunities like this are a great chance for members to connect on a different level and to do something meaningful within their community.”

Thanks to Weight Watchers’ generous support and community spirit, about 8,000 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables will be provided at local Community Food Centres.

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