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People and programs 03/18/2019

When you throw as many fundraising events as we do, you know the importance of relying on generous sponsors who will donate their time and talents to help you execute your vision flawlessly. We can’t think of a better example of such a sponsor as Higgins Event Rentals

Higgins was one of the first sponsors to come on board to support our inaugural Chefs for Change fundraiser in 2015. They’ve continued to play a key role in the success of this winter dinner series each year. 

Fun fact: Propeller Coffee Co. -- the location of every Chefs for Change dinner over the past five years -- doesn’t have a kitchen. We build one for each event using equipment generously provided by Higgins. From convection ovens to cutting boards to fryers, Higgins staff carry it in, set it up, and ensure the dozen chefs taking over in these makeshift kitchens have everything they need to prepare a truly magnificent feast. 

And that’s just behind the scenes. Their table settings help transform a rustic coffee shop into an elegant dining room fit to showcase a gourmet five-course meal. Did we mention they do all of this in just a couple of hours?

The crew at Higgins always goes above and beyond to make our events run smoothly, sometimes coming through at the last second to save the day. They understand the crucial importance of well-executed events in raising money for empowering food programs in low-income communities across the country. Over the past five years, they’ve contributed more than $50,000 in sponsorship support. 

“Supporting Chefs for Change and Community Food Centres Canada ties in perfectly with our core values,” says Andrew Zimbel, Director of Sales and Marketing at Higgins. “They like us believe that you should treat everyone with integrity and respect.  They like us believe you should support creativity and innovation. They like us are committed to being helpful and resourceful. They echo our fundamental value “We Care!”

We count ourselves lucky to work with such a hard-working, committed team. 

Want to join Higgins as a sponsor of a future CFCC event? Learn more and get in touch! Contact Danielle Goldfinger at

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