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People and programs 06/21/2018

“I believe with all my heart that every Canadian deserves access to safe, healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food.” 

Lisa is a public health professional and an enthusiastic farmers' market–goer. Soon after she moved to Toronto in 2014, she made the trip out to the huge Saturday farmers' market run by The Stop Community Food Centre. She was hooked. As she started going more regularly, she learned there was a lot more to The Stop than the market. 

“Through the market, I learned a great deal about their work on food security and community engagement,” says Lisa. “Until then, I hadn't really been aware of food insecurity and how it's a growing problem in Canada. The experience truly sparked a profound interest and passion to be involved in this social justice issue.” 

She saw an opportunity to get involved in supporting the development of more Community Food Centres across the country.

“I want to support the work of CFCC as much as I can so I decided to offer regular monthly support. Having regular funding sources to implement programs and move the work forward is very important.” 

Lisa’s commitment to the cause extends beyond her monthly gifts. In April, she braved an ice storm to spend her weekend helping out at CFCC’s annual Food Summit. Thanks in no small part to enthusiastic volunteers like Lisa, more than 200 staff from our partner Community Food Centres and Good Food Organizations had the opportunity to come together to learn, connect, share, and access relevant tools to take back to their programs and make them even better and more engaging for their communities.

We are so grateful for Lisa, and for her generous support of programs that build health, belonging, and community across the country.

Looking to up your impact? Join Lisa and become a monthly donor to CFCC. Find out how. 

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