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People and programs 06/21/2018

For National Seniors' Month, we're celebrating the contributions seniors are making in our communities, and asking ourselves how our society can evolve to become more inclusive and accessible in the coming decades.

Every week at the Boomer Café, seniors come together in a welcoming place to interact, enjoy a meal, build friendships, and access supports and resources to help them navigate issues in their lives.

One-third of seniors in Montreal live alone, and are more likely to experience social isolation as a result. Add to this the fact that many seniors are living on low incomes or dealing with health conditions, and it's clear why The Depot Community Food Centre offers a range of programs that support seniors to engage socially around healthy food. 

The Boomer Café is a partnership between the Depot Community Food Centre and the NDG Senior Citizens Council. Every Monday, adults aged 55+ gather to socialize, prepare and share a healthy meal, and join activities like chair yoga and skill-building workshops. This weekly drop-in program was created seven years ago to break social isolation and provide social support.

Find out how REACH's Mobile Affordable Produce Market is helping Regina seniors bring home the veggies.

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Seniors are a fast-growing population who will make up a quarter of Canadians by 2036. Research shows that seniors are at greater risk of becoming lonely and socially isolated — they have a harder time accessing social spaces due to declining income, lack of mobility, living alone, and the moving away or loss of friends and family. According to Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey, one-fifth of adults aged 65 and older feel a lack of companionship, left out, or isolated from others — and that impacts their health and well-being in big ways.

Our partner Community Food Centres and Good Food Organizations are creatively using food to tackle this growing trend of social isolation among seniors. By offering fresh fruits and vegetables, and inviting spaces to connect with others, they're using the power of food to build up seniors’ sense of belonging, and grow their physical and mental health.

Photo credit: Tristan Brand.
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