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People and programs 05/15/2019

How cool would it be if the top chefs, mixologists, restaurants, wineries, artisans, producers threw a party in one of the city’s most iconic and sought-after venues?
No need to wonder. Tastemaker brought the ultimate culinary house party to Toronto and it was as cool as you imagined. 

We were lucky enough to be there all weekend as the official charitable partner, connecting with our fellow food-lovers and talking about how we can make sure everyone has access to the good, healthy food they need.

Toronto was the first stop of the 2019 Tastemaker Tour, a North American food and drink spectacle making stops in Chicago, Washington, Nashville and, most recently at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. 

Over the course of the weekend, partygoers got the chance to enjoy one-of-a-kind dishes by some of Toronto’s best chefs, including some of our friends like Charlotte Langley, Albert Ponzo, Alexandra Feswick, Nick Liu and Afrim Pristine, and locally-inspired cocktails created by the city’s best mixologists. That plus Djs and some very cool interactive rooms and experiences.

This is a party with heart, too. Tastemaker has donated $6,000 from the event proceeds to support our empowering good food programs across Canada.

If you missed the party this time around and find yourself with a serious case of FOMO, fear not. Tastemaker will be bringing the party back to Toronto this fall. 

Do you have an idea for an event or promotion to raise money for our work? Let us know!

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