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People and programs 10/01/2018
We believe that teaching kids where their food comes from and how to choose and prepare it is key to helping them develop healthy eating habits for life. Recently, we talked to six amazing Food Superheroes about what they have learned in programs at their Community Food Centre. Check out what Martina, an 11-year-old from Perth, ON, had to say:

Name: Martina

Superhero name: Veggie Dip

Best new food skill:  Making different foods from scratch and combining them to make a healthy meal.

Where she learned it: The Youth Drop-in Program partnership with The Table Community Food Centre, where kids learn new food skills, try new foods, and build confidence in the kitchen.

New food she’s tried for the first time: Different kinds of healthy soups.

One thing she learned that she didn’t know before: How to make noodles from scratch.

How eating/sharing something she cooked herself makes her feel: It makes me feel happy when people enjoy it!

If you had to tell other kids one thing about why it’s important to eat healthy, what would it be? Eating healthy is good for your body and gives you energy.

Want to learn how to get your own #foodsuperhero excited about cooking? Download our tipsheet for five easy ways to get your kids engaged in the kitchen this year.

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