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Webinar: Good food rules


How do we make our programs as effective as possible and deliver the results that’ll help people the most?

In this webinar, Dr. Mike Evans, Founder of the Reframe Health Lab at St. Mike's Hospital, and Kathryn Scharf, Chief Programs Officer, draw on their experience from the doctor's office and community food programs and discuss what a common-sense approach to healthy nutrition looks like — one that helps to empower people to take control of their food, even within socioeconomic constraints and a world full of confusing research, advertising messages, and poor food environments. 


  1. Nutrition and healthy eating in practice: from the doctor’s office to CFCs

  2. Low income and healthy eating, physiological barriers, and levers for change

  3. Dr. Mike’s top 4 recommendations and our theory of change in food skills programs

  4. Using personal experience and measuring change

  5. Q&A

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