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LaunchEn_FB-Twitter_1200x628.jpgEvery day, one in eight Canadians struggles to put good food on the table for themselves and their families. During the pandemic, that number has risen to one in seven as a result of layoffs and the economic downturn.

Community Food Centres Canada initiated the Beyond Hunger report to illustrate the hidden impacts of food insecurity in people’s lives. 

We surveyed 561 people in 22 communities across Canada. The people interviewed shared that food insecurity makes them ill, breaks down relationships, makes it harder to get stable work, and fully participate in society. 

Read the report now to understand the experience of food insecurity in our country and why it happens here in Canada.

You can also take action. Government policy is necessary to address the real cause of food insecurity - which is poverty. Policy is what will increase incomes and make life more affordable, for everyone. 

Help us urge the federal government to support progressive income policies and social programs.

Visit the Beyond Hunger microsite.

For media: Read the press release or contact for interviews and more information.

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