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Latest updates 06/05/2020

We stand in solidarity with those denouncing systemic racism and working to ensure social and economic justice prevails for Black, Indigenous and other racialized people.

Anti-Black racism is not only an American issue. It is pervasive in Canada, too. The structural inequities that Black people face in this country are undeniable. 

As a society, we ask why inequitable wages, food insecurity, and police violence disproportionately impact Black and Indigenous communities and people of colour. 

But we know why. 

The North American legacy of enslavement of Black people and colonization of Indigenous lands and people still plays out in this country every day. We need to challenge and dismantle these injustices across all our institutions. 

There are many examples of systemic, institutionalized racism in our food system. Disproportionate numbers of Black people and newcomers work in the food sector, from migrant farm workers and food processors to frontline grocery store workers. The desire for cheap food has translated into an industrialized food system known for its exploitation of workers.

Since our inception in 2012, Community Food Centres Canada has supported organizations across the country who work with people experiencing food insecurity — many of whom face barriers due to racism and poverty.

We commit to redoubling our efforts to center and promote social and economic justice and health equity in all that we do. Specifically, we commit to an anti-racist, anti-oppressive approach in our work across the country by:

  • Identifying and supporting partner organizations that are led by and work with Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities.

  • Continuing to provide funding, resources, and opportunities for shared advocacy for policy change.

  • Providing ongoing resources to support anti-racist practices across our partner networks.

  • Continuing to learn and embed anti-racist practices, and unlearn ways in which we may reinforce systemic racism as an organization.

It’s time for us to listen, learn, and take action. We know we can do better as individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. 

In service and solidarity,

The staff at Community Food Centres Canada 

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