Thanks to our Food Summit donor panelists!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our 2017 Food Summit brought together 60+ food security organizations and 180 people from across the country to learn, engage, and build a movement around good food. We were so lucky to have four of our donors join us at the Food Summit to speak on an engaging panel, Joining Forces for Food. Our panelists spoke on what influences their support, the makings of a great charitable partnership, and what inspires them about the work of the good food movement. A big thanks to our panelists — Joannah Lawson, Wanda Ho, Phil Caravaggio, and Morghan Fortier — for participating and providing their in-depth knowledge to our partner organizations. Check out some of their thoughts and insights!

Joannah Lawson, nutritionist and long-time supporter of Community Food Centres Canada, spoke about the three reasons she contributes to organizations like ours, and what in particular inspires her about our work. First, the organization has to be contributing to systemic change. Second, they have to touch her soul. And third, the organization has to have an element of fun, positivity, or something she can do with her family. 

Wanda Ho, mentor at Toronto Fashion Incubator, echoed Joannah's thoughts, emphasizing the importance of donating to organizations that contribute to systemic change. We met Wanda at our Chefs for Change event, and we've been grateful for her support ever since. As she said on the panel, "[By donating to Community Food Centres Canada], I can affect a little bit of change. I love the advocacy work of this group because it goes back to the root cause rather than just fixing what's immediately in front of us."

Phil Caravaggio, Co-Founder & CEO of Precision Nutrition, supports our work in numerous ways, including through an annual fundraising event called the Potluck of Meaning. He talked to the panel about the importance of building a personal relationships with donors: "The personal connection, for me that's the crux of the whole thing. I’ve never felt transacted as a donor [with CFCC]. We are all just people, walking the earth, trying to do some good." 

Like Wanda, Morghan Fortier met us at our Chefs for Change dinner series, and was inspired to donate after seeing her partner's connection to the cause. Morghan is the Executive Producer at Skyship Entertainment Company & Tinman Creative Studios, and similar to Phil, appreciates the friendship she's made with CFCC. "My experience with this organization has been quite different, I feel like I'm belonging to the fold, I'm making connections and I have friends, and that encourages me to be even further involved with the organization, far more so than anything else...I'm emotionally invested in this organization and feel very passionately about it. Something to that personal connection, that builds that sense of community."

Thank you to our four donor panelists for sharing their insights and knowledge, and helping grow this good movement further!

You can join them in calling for a healthier and fairer food system: donate today

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