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You are how you eat: Food, culture, and social inequality

December 12, 2017, 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern

Though the need to eat is certainly a constant, ideas about food and how we cook, eat, and share it are constantly shifting. The culture of food both reflects and help to shape our society. For the past 20 years, interest in food — from the Food Network to an exploding restaurant culture to an increase in appreciation for home cooking — has been on the ascent. This has been buoyed by a multi-faceted “food movement” that contains everyone from farmers to chefs concerned eaters to health and food justice activists. 

Though there are synergies and momentum toward progressive change building within this movement, there are also complex dynamics related to race, class, gender, and social inequality. Sociologist Dr. Alice Julier has looked at subjects ranging from food as a vehicle for gentrification to how race, gender, and socio-economic experience reveal themselves around the dinner table. In this webinar we will dig into how inequality plays out through a variety of aspects of our current food culture. 

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The carrot and the stick: Health and regulation in the age of processed food