NorWest Co-op CFC

A partnership with the NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre saw the development of a Community Food Centre in Winnipeg, the first Community Food Centre in Western Canada. NorWest’s Tyndall Ave. location is adjacent to the Gilbert Park social housing complex in the low-income, multicultural community of Inkster. Inkster has high rates of poverty, food insecurity and unemployment. While NorWest Health Centre already offers some food-related programming, the organization identified food access as a key challenge for area residents. Establishing a CFC increases access to healthy food while providing community members with a variety of skill-building and engagement opportunities. 

Norwest Co-op Community Food Centre launched in March 2015 as a welcoming space where people come together to share a good meal, join a cooking group, grow a garden, learn about healthy eating and get active on issues in the community. Their programming includes a lunch program, seniors drop-in, community kitchens and gardens, childrens and healthy baby programs, a low-cost market, and a community advocacy office.


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