Good Food Builders

The Good Food Builders program engages entrepreneurs from the natural food sector who care about making the world a better place.

We’re convening leading individuals and companies to come together in support of Community Food Centres Canada and play a key role in igniting our movement and increasing its reach across Canada. We're looking to work with businesses and leaders who are doing well by the land and their people, strive to help Canadians to lead healthier lives, and are committed to using food as a force for good in this country. 

Through their financial contributions and networks, Good Food Builders contribute to our work building and supporting places in low-income communities that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all.

The Good Food Builders initiative is led by Peter Neal of Neal Brothers Foods and Pat Higgins of Natural Specialty Sales, with Community Food Centres Canada.

"As leaders and entrepreneurs in the good food space we need to contribute to health and sustainability in our communities. This is why we're so proud to be working with Community Food Centres Canada on this initiative." – Peter Neal, Neal Brothers Foods

"Whitewave’s mission of changing the way the world eats for the better goes well beyond our business and into the communities we live and work. To that end, we are thrilled to be partnering with a like-minded organization like Community Food Centers Canada to help address the issues of hunger and work toward creating a healthier and more sustainable food system." – Valerie Fleck, VP Canada, Whitewave Foods Canada

"What excites me about this program is that Community Food Centres Canada perfectly aligns with my personal values and the values of my organization. I also believe that there is tremendous value in getting like-minded people together for any reason … when it is to support a great cause, it’s even better!" – Patrick Higgins, President, Natural Specialty Sales

Good Food Builders

To find out more or get involved, contact:

Susan Vardon
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Community Food Centres Canada
416 531 8826 ext. 233 |

Peter Neal
Neal Brothers Foods
905 738 7955 |

Pat Higgins
Natural Specialty Sales
416 566 7720 |