"If this place wasn't here, I wouldn't be eating fruits and veggies." - community member, Dartmouth, NS

Food access programs provide a source of healthy food for people who need it. They prioritize offering fresh and nutritious food in a dignified space, and connecting people to other supports and resources they might need. 93% of people surveyed say their Community Food Centre is an important source of healthy food.
Community meals: These programs provide opportunities for people to gather in a welcoming space for a free, healthy, and delicious meal prepared by a chef and served right to the table. Community meals are a chance to get together with friends, or make new ones.

Affordable produce markets: These weekly markets make fresh, local food more accessible to those living on low incomes. When people shop for fruits and vegetables at the affordable produce market, their money goes a lot further than it would at a farmer’s market and they can head home with loads of fresh ingredients to prepare healthy meals. With local producers supplying food for the program, people can support community farmers while choosing from a great selection of fresh, seasonal food.

Healthy food distribution: Programs like healthy food banks at Community Food Centres make sure that when people need immediate access to food, it’s as nutritious and delicious as possible. This means providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods that together form healthy, balanced meals.

Fruit and vegetable subsidies: This pilot program offers fruit and vegetable vouchers to low-income families in an effort to make fresh, healthy food more affordable. Vouchers are redeemable at affordable produce markets, where plenty of local, seasonal food is available and prices are already lowered to ensure people living in low incomes can access it. 

Check out our illustrated guide to our healthy food access programs.