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One in seven people in Canada can’t afford to put good food on the table. We’re fighting for a Canada that delivers on the right to food for all.

With over 350 partners, we work to advance meaningful and substantive income policies at the federal level.

Here's how we take action


Raise awareness of the issues

Our partners work in hundreds of communities across Canada. Together, we uncover and raise awareness about the negative impacts and root causes of food insecurity.

Develop policy solutions

We work with research partners to develop and improve income security policies that promote well-being and establish a dignified income floor for all Canadians.

Mobilize for social  justice

We mobilize with our partners and allies to push for progressive policy change through local advocacy and national campaigning.

What’s the solution to food insecurity?

Invest in progressive, equitable income policies

Despite promises to create a more prosperous and equitable Canada, food insecurity is getting worse, not better.

The growing rate of food insecurity is an indicator of how many Canadians are experiencing poverty and facing systemic barriers. Black and Indigenous people, for example, experience food insecurity at twice the rate of non-racialized Canadians.

And with the federal government’s goal of reducing poverty in Canada by 50 per cent by 2030, there is much work to be done. Decision-makers need to act with more urgency and commitment to creating equity in Canada.

Here are the changes we'd like to see:

  • Improve existing tax benefits and make them refundable to provide more income to low-income Canadians.

  • Create a new tax benefit or make significant improvements to the Canada Workers Benefit to support low-wage and unemployed working-age adults who live in the deepest poverty.

  • Provide enhanced support to low-income Canadians to file their taxes and receive the benefits that are rightfully theirs. Particularly First Nations living on reserve who face significant barriers to tax filing and accessing the benefits they're entitled to.
  • Ensure federal income supports are not clawed back from people living on low incomes by other federal departments or levels of government.

  • Guarantee that the proposed Canada Disability Benefit will substantially raise incomes so that all people with disabilities can live with dignity and autonomy.

  • Ensure low-wage workers have equal access to Employment Insurance.

  • Increase investments in social programs to improve affordability: finalize child care agreements in all provinces and territories, implement truly affordable housing, and invest in a national pharmacare program.
  • Apply a racial equity lens to all existing and future income policies to ensure they are implemented equitably.

  • Consult with leaders in Indigenous, Black and People of Colour communities who disproportionately experience food insecurity and poverty to develop effective policy solutions.


Want to learn more and take action?


Read our Beyond Hunger report (2020) for a deeper look at the impacts of food insecurity. Then, email your MP to urge for positive change that puts good food on the table for all Canadians.

Read Beyond Hunger now.

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