Myron Pestaluky and Kelly Pronyk believe in the power of a supportive space. Somewhere safe and dignified where people can find a good meal as easily as they can find compassion, lasting relationships, and a pathway to change and empowerment. “That’s what brought us to become donors to The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto several years ago,” they said.
When they heard that Community Food Centres Canada was launching to scale The Stop’s model nationally, they jumped at the chance to support it.
“We’ve been thrilled by the opportunity to be able to continue our support of The Stop’s critical frontline work while also playing a role in helping to bring the Community Food Centre model to more Canadian neighbourhoods struggling with alarming rates of poverty, food insecurity, poor health, and social isolation,” said Myron and Kelly.
“To create lasting change, we need to have local impact and national scale and voice. Community Food Centres Canada’s vision, and commitment to this approach, is a great example of how to get there.”
It’s that desire for real change—and real solutions to our country’s food issues—that motivates Myron and Kelly to give generously to support the national Community Food Centre movement each year.

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