Kyle Byron, nutritionist, trainer, and monthly donor to Community Food Centres Canada, believes healthy food should be accessible to all, and that good food should taste delicious and make us feel good.

“To me, good food means many things,” says Kyle. “It has to be grown naturally, like wild-caught fish or organic produce. The more processed a food is, the more it turns me off. I wish more people knew how to grow and cook their own food! Good food also tastes good. It's nutritious, which makes us feel good and helps us live long and vibrant lives.”

Kyle believes in addressing the root causes of the big and pressing issues of poverty, hunger, and poor health. “I don't have a lot to give so I choose my charities carefully. If you give a person a free meal, that's great, but it doesn't fix the problems we have in this country. If a person learns to cook, eat right, and advocate, then they are much more likely to be successful and happy. Then, they can pass on what they learned and help others.”
Kyle gives to Community Food Centres Canada because he wants to help ensure more Canadians feel empowered to take their health into their own hands: “Community Food Centres Canada is a teaching and social justice organization that revolves around health. What's more important than that?”