“I came away from the Summit feeling more confident and assured about my direction and the changes that I need to make to improve my program’s impact.”

Our annual Food Summit brings together staff from Community Food Centres and Good Food Organizations every spring for two and a half days of practical skill-building and networking. With good food, health, and social justice as its focus, the Food Summit offers a unique opportunity to learn and share ideas with individuals across Canada who are working in the community food security and health sectors.

“In addition to all the great connections, the conference helped to affirm that our organization is on the right track in terms of the development of programs that move the needle on food security in our community. This work can be so daunting and isolating sometimes. Connecting with others in similar positions helps to affirm that we are not alone.”

In April 2018, 200 staff from more than 60 organizations gathered in Toronto for the fourth annual Food Summit. We asked four community leaders to share how they're powering up the communities through food.