“(This new kitchen) looks really great. It’s always hard to find space for community programming so it’s nice they have this space.”


Harmony Community Food Centre (CFC), a program of South Riverdale Community Health Centre, in partnership with Community Food Centres Canada, is a welcoming place where people to come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. Harmony believes that an equitable and just community is one where everyone can access nutritious, affordable, safe, culturally relevant, and delicious food and offers programs in three core areas: healthy food access, healthy food skills, education and engagement

Harmony CFC programs support local families and individuals by increasing access to healthy food, skill-building, knowledge sharing, and providing leadership and advocacy opportunities.

In early 2019, South Riverdale’s 2 Gower Street location became a partner site of Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC). They renovated the kitchen facilities at the 2 Gower Street location with funding from CFCC. This welcoming space enables them to come together, and learn to cook and garden. In addition to an enlarged, renovated kitchen, the space was upgraded with new energy efficient lighting and new windows. They also redesigned and rebuilt the upstairs storage and washroom areas to make these spaces more accessible and energy- and water-efficient.

Along with other Community Food Centres across Canada, Harmony CFC is increasing access to healthy food, empowering people to acquire food skills, and creating opportunities for people to become engaged in their community.