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How to reduce the depth of single adult poverty in Canada: Report


A recently released report by Maytree and Community Food Centres Canada makes the case for a new tax credit for working-age single adults. 

Working-age single adults without children face the highest rates and deepest levels of poverty in Canada. Of the more than 1.8 million people living in deep poverty in Canada, 50 per cent are unattached single adults. Yet they receive the least support by the federal government. 

In this joint report, Maytree and CFCC recommend that the federal government create a new Canada Working-Age Supplement (CWAS). The CWAS would establish an income floor for all working-age single adults and provide up to 40 per cent more income for people living in deep poverty.

Read the report to learn more about why working-age single adults face deep poverty and how a targeted income supplement — like the ones in place now for seniors and families with kids — would help. 
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