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Latest updates 04/04/2022
Two years of COVID-19 have taken a real toll on communities—physically, mentally, and economically. Food insecurity remains a serious issue as the cost of living continues to rise across the country. 

Despite these difficulties, Community Food Centres have proven to be an invaluable resource: offering nourishing food and meaningful connections for community members.

Community Food Centres have helped communities eat well and feel good.

"[The CFC] made it so I did not have to go out. The food was fresh and healthy and the meals on wheels program relieved me of great stress." - Community member, Harmony CFC, Toronto

“[I get] healthy food I would not have otherwise. I feel more energized after I come here.” - Community member, Qajuqturvik CFC, Iqaluit

“I enjoy going to eat twice a week. I made 2 or 3 mates. I like the meals.” -  Community member, The Depot CFC, Montreal

The ongoing support has also had a real impact on community members’ mental and social well-being during a time of isolation.

“I see my friends. People know me. I feel that my ideas are heard and I like to help in the community kitchen.” - Community member, Hamilton CFC, Hamilton

“Before I started I was kind of a shut in, and once I came in people were warm and my contribution mattered. I was a part of something.” - Community member, The North Grove CFC, Dartmouth

"It's a tie between the improvement in my physical health and my joy in socializing safely." - Community member, The Table CFC, Perth, Ontario

Even during the challenges of this year, our partners consistently supported their local communities. People were able to stay connected and access healthy, culturally-appropriate food. And communities continued to advocate for policy change that tackles food insecurity and poverty over the long term.
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