Webinar 06/06/2018 Online

Good Food, Good Jobs: Working for a just food system

Driven by consumer and environmental concerns, the food movement has largely focused on the value of healthy and local food. While some attention has been put to concerns about migrant farm workers, precarious food work, and minimum wages and tipping, there has been much less focus on the importance of good jobs in the food industry. In this webinar presented by Community Food Centres Canada and the Metcalf Foundation, we’ll ask how do we make food jobs good jobs? What are the strategies and demands within the food movement that could lead to good jobs? Labour market policy expert Tom Zizys will present compelling ideas and successes from the labour movement that could benefit the food movement. Sonia Singh, Leadership Development Coordinator at the Food Chain Workers Alliance, will bridge the food and labour divide to explore current challenges, inspiring examples, and new possibilities for good food jobs.


Event Details

Wednesday, June 6th  
12-1 PM Eastern

Sponsors and Partners

This webinar is presented in partnership with the Metcalf Foundation which just released its
Good Food Jobs blog series. Read perspectives from our guest Tom Zizys, our host Kathryn Scharf, and four food system leaders on the blog.