Donor Profile 01/18/2019
What do you get when you combine a Community Food Centre kitchen stocked full of apples and veggies and an eager group of volunteers? Tons of delicious food made from scratch, and one happy community chef! 

Before the 2018 holidays had hit, Chef Winona from The Local Community Food Centre in Stratford got a head start on her December menus with the help of 15 staff and volunteers from PC Children’s Charity ™. They ventured out to the centre to learn about how The Local is building a community around food, then they rolled up their sleeves and got to work cooking up batches of homemade applesauce, vegetable stock, and soup for The Local’s meal programs. 

“With the help of the PC Children’s Charity™ volunteers I was really able to get ahead — together they made a huge pan of vegetable stock that I can turn into lots of seasonal soups this winter,” Chef Winona gushed. “And they even used some to make a nice apple butternut squash soup for the next Market Café program. That was definitely a huge help!"

“I have a passion for the work that PC Children’s Charity ™ does and when I heard of the opportunity to go to The Local as a volunteer for the charity I jumped on it. I had a lot of fun making soup in The Local’s amazing kitchen with Chef Winona guiding us. It reminded me how important it is to use the food we have to its fullest."

— Fenella Chiu, PC Children’s Charity™ volunteer and Loblaw employee.

“Being there really helped shed light on where the funds we raise for our charity go — I was particularly impressed with the green house and community garden. It not only helps supply food for the weekly market and meals but is also used to teach children and youth where their food comes from,” Chiu said. 

PC Children’s Charity™ is no stranger to the reality that food insecurity affects more than one million children in Canada. In 2017,  the charity made a commitment to putting the power of food back in the hands of Canadian children.

They do this by feeding and educating children across Canada. Specifically, as Canada’s largest funder of school meal programs, they’re reaching almost 400,000 students daily, providing $7 million to over 2,400 schools across Canada through their School Nutrition Grant.

Since 2017, PC Children’s Charity™ has generously supported food programming for children and youth at Community Food Centres across Canada. This support has gone a long way to build kids’ food skills, knowledge, and confidence at The Local CFC, The Table CFC, Dartmouth North CFC, and NorWest Co-op CFC. This year, the charity’s impact will stretch even further, with their total contribution to date topping the $1 million-dollar mark, expanding the support of kids’ programming at four more Community Food Centres across the country. 

Thanks to PC Children’s Charity™ more children and youth in Canada have access to food programs that give them the tools they need to live healthy lives into adulthood. 

Interested in volunteering in your community? Find a Community Food Centre near you and get involved