Donor Profile 05/22/2017

Whether it’s through a delicious event, a tribute for a loved one, or a good friend, we’ve met so many generous supporters over the years who are drawn to our cause. This month, we’re profiling a few all-star donors from our Supporter Circle.

The commitment of our Supporter Circle donors enables us to provide innovative, preventive solutions to the seemingly intractable problems of hunger, poverty and poor health facing many low-income communities. We asked some of our Supporter Circle donors why they give, and they told us some beautiful stories of what good food means to them:

Libby Wildman, founder of Wildman Associates

“Growing up, and still today, my family’s language of love is food. At age 35, my dad took a Cordon Bleu cooking course in Toronto and grew our family’s love of cooking and sharing food together. Some of my favourite memories are standing beside my Dad at the stove learning how to make a béchamel sauce, or dipping the home made raw bagel dough in boiling water before we baked them. So when we met Nick Saul through my best friend, and heard his story, it was easy for me to grasp how important and multifaceted the role that food plays in a healthy and happy family and community. Mind, Body and Soul.”

Doug Ewart and Judith Keene, lawyers who have worked in the public sector on a human rights and social justice issues 

"We were introduced to the CFCC model quite a few years ago at The Stop, drawn there by the extraordinary talents of chef Chris Brown. Over the years, what has most impressed us is the dignified and respectful provision of healthy food to (and, importantly, often with volunteer help from) those in need, fully integrated with programs to grow food, develop food skills, break social isolation, train advocates, and build communities.

Not only does each CFC serve its community exceptionally well, but in addition CFCC as a whole significantly advances the broader anti-poverty agenda at a national level by demonstrating the enormous power of breaking isolation and building community through an insightful, inspired and powerful array of food-centred initiatives.”

Sara Griffiths, archivist at Royal St George's College

“I first heard about CFCC through two friends who took me along to their Chefs for Change event.  As someone who was pursuing making changes in my own eating habits—both to fuel my own health and to learn more about sustainable food production—the notion of community-based efforts to reduce food insecurity and improve accessibility to healthy food choices was strongly appealing. I decided to donate because I truly believe that access to healthy food is, or should be, a public right. The success of CFCC in supporting communities to develop around enabling healthy food choices, behaviours, and social involvement is wonderful.”

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