Donor Profile 05/13/2016

Don Cranston’s connection to good food began in his childhood, spending time on the family farm in Williamsburg, Ontario. While doing many chores on the farm, his greatest thrill was the deal he had worked out with his grandmother. She would bake any pie he wanted, as long as he picked the fruit. For Don, this formed a lasting connection between family, community, and the importance of good food.

The pillar of any nonprofit are its donors, and Don Cranston is one of these pillars for us. Don has been a key member of our National Fundraising Committee since its inception, playing an invaluable role in connecting us to other donors who can help us take our work further. Don and his wife Megan have also taken their support a step further by being generous donors themselves.

"Our engagement with CFCC started when Don met Nick Saul several years ago. We had both been well aware of the challenges many Canadians faced, especially with food security. That meeting crystallized our interest in CFCC’s mission: to not only provide impactful food solutions for people, but to more importantly build community in the process. We wanted a long-term and inclusive solution to food issues across Canada. We hope our gift has helped in building out this critical mission."

Don Cranston has been a long-term resident of Toronto, having grown up in the Hamilton area. Don is the co-founder and Chairman of CGOV Asset Management, an investment firm managing assets for private families and institutions across Canada. His main joy has been his family: wife Megan, children Sarah, Wesley and Owen, and his faithful dog Tobey. With the little time left over, Don is also the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and the Chair of the Friends of Fort York.

Donors like Don are the real superstars of our organization, and we can't thank them enough for their continual support.

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