Donor Profile 03/18/2016

At this year's Chefs for Change dinner series we met Brett Jubinville (pictured right), an Animation Director who, following the event, decided to become a monthly donor. Here's why: 

"This was my second year attending Chefs for Change. I didn’t know anything about it when my friend Ben (pictured left) first introduced me to it in 2015, and it was an amazing experience. The food was great, and the chefs were passionate about their craft and about how it impacted those around them.

The experience this year was very much the same. Great food. Great chefs.  But what inspired me to become a monthly donor this time was a moment in the evening where the idea of dignity was discussed. That if you already need help to feed yourself or your family, having a place that can provide that help — while also making you feel welcome and dignified — becomes so much more than just a place to get food. It becomes a place where people can be part of the community rather than be pushed outside of it, and where they can have one less burden to bear, rather than having one more.

If asking for help gets saddled with shame and embarrassment, then it’s only that much more difficult to keep your head above water. Help shouldn’t come at the cost of dignity and I believe this is at the forefront of Community Food Centres Canada mission."

We couldn't agree more! Thank you Brett for your impactful words and for committing to help build a healthier and fairer food system across Canada.

Join Brett and become a monthly donor to Community Food Centres Canada!