People and programs 05/23/2017

When Melanie first walked through the doors of Dartmouth North Community Food Centre with her daughter and granddaughter, she felt immediately welcomed and was amazed to see such a blossoming community; She decided to donate. Read her story:

"I recently had the opportunity to attend the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre on a Saturday morning for the market and breakfast. I went  with my daughter and granddaughter, who go regularly.

I was amazed at the sense of community and camaraderie. Several people called my granddaughter by name and were excited to see her. She knew the other children there and was happy to play with them as her mother shopped for fresh fruits and vegetables. Most times they stay and enjoy the free breakfast.

My daughter is a single mother and strives to be independent. She is thankful for the opportunity to get fresh fruit and vegetables at such a great price. She is able to buy just what she needs at a cost she can manage. I am grateful she has this place to go, as well. And I felt moved to donate to such a worthy cause.

Thank you for all that you do,


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