People and programs 04/10/2013

One of the things that convinced Steve Stacey that 612 Erie St. was the right spot for Stratford's first Community Food Centre was the greenhouse out front. A former Garden Centre, the building was fronted by a 2,500-sq-ft. greenhouse with 30-ft-high ceilings that Steve, now The Local's Director, pictured overflowing with plants and programming. Before he could put his plan to action, though, the greenhouse needed a new roof and heaters, renovations that took a backseat to getting the building's kitchen and meal space up and running. A few weeks ago, the greenhouse renovations were complete — "the cherry on top" of an already phenomenal year, according to Steve. So the fact that winter continues to linger in much of Ontario, hasn't got Steve and his crew too down — they've been busy sprouting with the After School Program and starting seedlings for The Local's outdoors gardens and preparing the space for its first season. It's all systems grow at The Local!

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