People and programs 01/02/2018
It’s a new year and if you listen carefully you can already hear the chopping of fresh vegetables, the watering of greenhouse seedlings, the scribbling of pens drafting letters to MPs, as the more than 100 Community Food Centres and Good Food Organizations we work with embark on a new and exciting year. Read about a few of the great projects that are taking root across the country. 
  1. Stratford's 
    The Local Community Food Centre will enhance its healthy eating, growing,  and food access initiatives. Their new Greenhouse Club will have greent thumbs growing vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings indoors all year long. And they'll use their new Healthy Food Policy as a guide to advocate for better food access in the community.

  2. B.C.'s Cowichan Green Community is launching the Cowichan Incubator Seed Farm (CISF), which will train a new group of seed farmers to increase the locally adapted supply of seeds, restore and enhance the soil, and create  a new seed bank.

  3. Winnipeg's West Central Women’s Resource Centre's new Love for Food cooking class will give participants the opportunity to deepen cooking skills and knowledge by taking classic comfort foods and transforming them into simpler, healthier versions without losing flavour. The best part? Participants get to take a family-sized portion home, along with the recipe and all the ingredients so that they can recreate the dish.

  4. The Nelson Food Cupboard piloted a new, unique, intergenerational family dinner cooking program last year that was so well received they are making it a staple program in 2018. Eight to ten parents and teenagers gather in the kitchen every week to share cooking ideas and learn new techniques as they prepare dinner for their whole families. It’s a food access, food skills, and social program blended all in one.

  5. Over in Perth, Ontario, the Table Community Food Centre is renovating its building making to make it fully accessible to the community members it serves.

  6. Toronto's FoodShare is expanding distribution of fresh produce to northern Indigenous communities, and is building a two-acre school farm, which will be the new home for their School Grown program.

  7. In London, the Glen Cairn Community Resources Centre is focused on offering healthier food options through their food bank. The project, called The Food Box, is a local group-buying initiative that aims to increase access to fresh food, and provide healthy tips for preserving and preparing food.