Good food reads 05/15/2019

To fix healthcare, start by making us less sick
On CBC, Yves Savoie, CEO of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and our own Nick Saul write that instead of talking about or spending money on our "sick-care system," we must start talking about how to prevent people from getting sick and that starts with the food we eat. From the piece: "While citizens need to continue to put pressure on food manufacturers and retailers to prioritize health in their products, it's imperative that we also ask our politicians — including the ones who are seeking election this fall — to stand up to industry and take the actions needed, including implementing in full Canada's Healthy Eating Strategy, to create healthier food environments."

Poverty costs Ontario up to $33B annually, new report says​
A new report from Feed Ontario finds poverty costs Ontario up to $33.1 billion a year. It looks at the relationship between poverty, poor health, the justice system and lost productivity and makes the case that investing in people by reducing poverty is not just the right thing to do, but the financially sound thing to do. From the piece: "Cost analysis and case studies have shown that investing in people improves the quality of life for everyone, not just those living in poverty, as well as our economic bottom line."

More needs to be done to eliminate poverty​
In the Star, Dan Clement from United Way Centraide Canada writes that while we've made great strides in poverty reduction and now have the lowest poverty rate in our history, we need to keep the pressure on government to remove barriers and create opportunities to lift people out of poverty and prevent it. From the piece: "We need a federal partner ready to roll up its sleeves and dig in to the roots of poverty through investments that accelerate progress on the poverty reduction and housing strategies. When we remove barriers, we can ensure every person in every community has the opportunity to reach their full potential."