Good food reads 02/15/2019

How to redesign cities to fight loneliness
We’re learning more and more about the health and social impact of loneliness and beginning to think about how to treat it. One of the possible treatments could be to purposefully design our spaces and our cities to encourage social connection. That’s what a graduate design studio at the Melbourne School of Design looked at: potential architectural and urban responses to loneliness. What does that look like? Everything from adding “social engagement paraphernalia” to promote conversations at rail stations to shared pet ownership to something very familiar to us — community garden and cooking and shared meal programs.

Canada's new food guide might be free of industry influence, but the great food fight isn't over yet
CBC Health Reporter Kelly Crowe reminds us that while we have a great new Canada’s Food Guide, free from industry influence, the fight isn’t over yet. The guide is only one part of the Healthy Eating Strategy and the food industry has been meeting with Health Canada the other two pieces: front-of-package food labelling and restrictions on marketing to kids. 

Food insecurity could be a federal election issue: Food Banks Canada
Food Banks Canada released its annual Hunger Count report, which found that in March 2018 just over one million people used a food bank somewhere in Canada. And over 35 per cent of food bank users are children (under 18 years old). With a federal election around the corner, these numbers should spur Canadians to ask their local candidates what they’re going to do to tackle food insecurity in this country.

Finland's basic income experiment hits the halfway mark
A report looking at the first half of the two-year basic income pilot project in Finland found that recipients reported inreased well-being. They appear to be less stressed, healthier, and more confident in the future than the control group.

New report shows average Ontario family facing slowest income growth in Canada
A new report from the Ontario Financial Accountability Officer has found that while Ontario’s median income is the third highest in the country, income growth in the province is slower than any other province. And the people faring the worst in terms of income growth? People living on a low income, single-parent families and working-age people. He also finds that income inequality has become more entrenched and that’s it’s more difficult for someone born in a low-income family to move up the pay ladder.

Want to Eradicate Hunger in America? Take on Racism.
The Nation looks at a study that examines the relationship between food insecurity in Philadelphia and racial and ethnic discrimination that people face in their daily lives. It found that people who experience discrimination are almost twice as likely to struggle with hunger. Half of the people interviewed reported experiencing discrimination at least once in their lifetimes — at school, at work, and in interactions with law enforcement. All of which are linked to household food insecurity.