Latest updates 10/05/2020

We always knew that The Big Social would have to be different this year. That people wouldn’t be able to gather around food in the same way they did last year because of COVID-19. 

But we’ve also seen over the past six months of the pandemic how our community responded. We saw how everyone took care of each other, and found new and safe ways to connect with loved ones when they needed connection most.

Right now, we all need connection more than ever. And the need for food in our communities is greater than ever. 

That’s why we’re bringing you The Big Social (Distance Edition) this year.

Food insecurity was already an urgent problem before the pandemic, with one in eight Canadians struggling to put food on the table. Now it’s ticked up to one in seven — a 39 per cent increase. With an uncertain economic recovery, the number of people who need help to put good food on the table will only continue to grow.

You can help. The Big Social (Distance Edition) is the perfect way to stay connected and support our neighbours during a time that is challenging for many.

The great thing is, The Big Social is adaptable. It can definitely be virtual and it can be safe and in line with local public health guidelines. 

Here are some ideas:

  1. A chef-off over FaceTime.

  2. A family recipe share via Zoom.

  3. A board game or quiz night over WhatsApp.

  4. Gather with your colleagues for an online lunch. 

  5. Turn an average weeknight meal into something special - invite friends and family to make a donation in lieu of a dinner invite.

  6. Gather and reflect over long weekend celebrations. 

  7. Celebrate the harvest with fall food favourites.

  8. Get spooky with it and treat yourself to virtual costume parties for Halloween 

  9. Join us for CFCC’s cross-country Big Social! 

Speaking of Zoom, we’ve made some cool Zoom backgrounds for you to use. You can find more ideas and those Zoom backgrounds on our Resources page.

Let’s continue to be there for our friends and neighbours — those who are experiencing food insecurity at new and devastating levels. You can help. Join us today. 

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