News and announcements 07/04/2013

On June 25, the Public Health Agency of Canada announced the second phase of its Innovation Strategy, which supports innovative programs across Canada to address public health issues and the underlying environmental, social, demographic and economic factors that affect healthier weights among children, youth, and families in Canadian communities. We are happy to announce that Community Food Centres Canada was one of nine organizations across the country that received funding. Support through this initiative will allow us to support a growing national network of Community Food Centres, including sites in WinnipegDartmouth and Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood.

"This important investment is critical to enabling us to scale up our work on community food security in low-income communities," said Kathryn Scharf, VP, National Programs at Community Food Centres Canada. "The Community Food Centres we are starting to build in neighbourhoods across the country are bringing people together to enable them to choose, prepare, grow and share healthy food in way that addresses upstream some of the key mental and physical health impacts that come from poor food access and social exclusion."

The Toronto announcement of this second phase of the Innovation Strategy was made by Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Colin Carrie during an event held at the CRC at 40 Oak St., in Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood. Starting in fall 2013, the CRC will be home to the Regent Park Community Food Centre, a partnership between CRC and Community Food Centres Canada that will locate CFCC's proven program mix in the CRC's state-of-the-art facility. The Regent Park CFC will strengthen existing community meal, advocacy, and gardening programs, working with the community to reflect the unique and diverse neighbourhood and meet local needs through responsive, multi-dimensional programming around food. The centre will be the fourth CCFC in Canada, after Toronto's The Stop CFC, Perth's The Table CFC and Stratford's The Local CFC.

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