News and announcements 11/28/2019

“[Having] access to fruits and vegetables every week and having it last. It turned into a routine.”

– Market Greens participant

It’s no secret—fresh fruits and vegetables are great for our health, but aren’t always easy to access or prioritize, especially when money is tight. Not getting enough fruits and vegetables is a major contributor to diet-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes, which cost Canada billions of dollars a year, yet most Canadians eat less than five servings a day. 

We want to live in a country where everyone can afford to choose and eat the food that’s good for their health. With this in mind, we started Market Greens, a program that increases affordable access to fresh fruits and vegetables in low-income communities through subsidized community markets and targeted financial incentives for people who are more vulnerable to diet-related disease.


We began piloting Market Greens in 2018 in partnership with the Chigamik Community Health Centre in Midland, Ontario and The Local Community Food Centre in Stratford, Ontario. Results so far have been promising, with participants reporting that they’re eating more fruits and vegetables and noticing improvements in health and sense of community belonging.

To further this work, we’re launching the Market Greens Grant Program which will support community and health organizations to establish new affordable markets and offer financial incentives that can be used to buy fresh produce at new and existing markets.

Grantees will work together with CFCC and evaluation partners to collect information about the health and wellbeing impacts of fruit and vegetable subsidies and to help shape best practices for program delivery. The evidence and insights we collect will feed into work with public and private stakeholders to consider how best to sustain and expand this approach to promoting health for low-income populations at risk for or suffering from diet-related disease.  

Grant applications are due on January 24, 2020. Read the grant guidelines for more details and get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss your application.

For more information about Market Greens, get in touch at or 416-531-8826 ext. 257.