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Webinar: Good Food, Good Jobs


How do we make food jobs good jobs? What are the strategies and demands of the food movement that could lead to good jobs in the food sector? The food system is among the largest employment sectors in the US and Canada. Most food chain workers are in non-managerial, low-wage positions, and are predominantly people of colour, immigrants, and women.  These workers are at a high risk for experiencing food insecurity, wage theft, lack of access to health care, harassment and intimidation, and workplace injury and illness. In this webinar, presented by Community Food Centres Canada and the Metcalf Foundation, we unpack how to improve wages and working conditions in food industry jobs and how good jobs can be a part of a more just food system.

Featuring Sonia Singh, Leadership Development Coordinator at the Food Chain Workers Alliance, and Tom Zizys, labour market policy analyst and Metcalf Innovation fellow.


  1. What strategies are being used to improve food jobs?

  2. How can profits being made along the food chain be more equitably distributed to food workers?

  3. How do we ensure workers receive better wages while keeping the cost of food affordable for consumers?

  4. How are food workers devalued, and even legally excluded, along gender and racial lines?

  5. How do working conditions for food workers compare between Canada and the US?

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