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Power up your tastebuds on a new seasonal food


Summertime is adventure time! And we don’t just mean getting out of town. July and August are the perfect months to take your taste buds on an adventure by trying out a new locally grown food. Mouse melons...okra...tomatillos...take your pick!

Not only is locally grown food fresher and tastier (thanks to being harvested at peak ripeness), the shorter distance from field to fork means it’s better for the environment too. This Power up! tipsheet takes you through five easy steps to finding an exciting new food to try at your farmers' market...and turning it into something tasty back home. Click the yellow download button above to get started!


This series provides easy tips and ideas for how you can power up your summer with food. Sign up to get an alert when the next tipsheet is released.

Community Food Centres Canada is a national nonprofit that powers up communities by bringing people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all.

Find out how Norberto gets his community excited about seasonal food and different culinary traditions

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