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Power up your dinner party with new friends


What could be better than sharing a meal with friends and family? Using a meal to meet someone new, and turn a stranger into a friend.

Connecting with people over delicious food can fundamentally change your outlook, your day – even the way you live. Think of how many people you know who have forged new relationships, new perspecitves, and new starts in life over a meal!

This summer, power up your cook-out, barbecue, picnic, or breezy late-night feast by adding some new faces to your guest list. This Power up! tipsheet will show you how you can take to take your dinner party to the next level by using it as a way to make new friends, and learn something new about the ones you have – all in five easy steps. Click the yellow download button above to get started!

This series provides easy tips and ideas for how you can power up your summer with food. Sign up to get an alert when the next tipsheet is released.

Community Food Centres Canada is a national nonprofit that powers up communities by bringing people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all.

Find out how Derek uses his kitchen to build connection

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