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Webinar: Filling the low-income plate


In Canada our health care system is so often first looking to treat symptoms of disease. We rarely turn our eyes upstream and try preventative medicine. This has especially negative impacts on low-income communities who often face food insecurity.

In this webinar, we invited Michel Nischan, founder and CEO of U.S.-based organization Wholesome Wave, to tell us about the innovative models they have created to increase access to healthy food in low-income communities, including the "Rx" approach, which enables healthcare providers to write prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables that low-income families can redeem as vouchers at local farmer's markets. In the webinar, Nischan shares that the best way he's found to impact policy and make lasting change in the health of low-income communities is to "shed the anger," and push through obstacles collaboratively with doctors, community organizations, and government. 


  1. How can farmers' markets become more welcoming to low-income communities?

  2. How do farmers' market vouchers work and how did they gain momentum?

  3. Tips for successful advocacy: Shed the anger

  4. Advice for starting market voucher programs in our communities