One of the easiest ways to support programs that increase access to healthy food, build food skills, and create engagement and education opportunities in low-income neighbourhoods is to give monthly to Community Food Centres Canada.


Thanks to the support of our donors:

  • 93% of our community members have more access to healthy food
  • 77% have made healthy changes to their diets
  • 56% have noticed improvements to their health
  • 95% feel they belong to a community
  • 47% have become involved in taking action on issues facing their community

As a monthly donor, you will:

  • Receive a consolidated annual tax receipt every February
  • Receive regular updates about the impact of your gift
  • Receive early access to events
  • Know that we are committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information

"I don't have a lot to give so I choose my charities carefully. If you give a person a free meal, that's great, but it doesn't fix the problems we have in this country. If a person learns to cook, eat right, and advocate, then they are much more likely to be successful and happy. Then, they can pass on what they learned and help others." – monthly donor Kyle Byron

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