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Good food, great music, healthy communities. Every June.

Farms for Change is a partnership between Community Food Centres Canada and The New Farm, an organic farm near Creemore, Ontario. The New Farm’s owners, Brent Preston and Gillian Flies, are long-time supporters of the Community Food Centre movement.

Every year, 700 people gather at The New Farm in June for a day of great music, great food, and great community. Some of Canada's favourite bands have blown the doors off the barn: Stars, The Tragically Hip, Sloan, and many more.

Proceeds from ticket sales support The New Farm to grow high-qualiy organic produce for community food programs at  The Stop and Regent Park Community Food Centres in Toronto.  The event also raises money for CFCC’s national work. 


“Organic farmers want to see a healthier environment and better access to healthy food for all Canadians. The great thing about the Farms for Change model is that it helps support organic farms and builds the capacity we need to produce more good food to feed more Canadians.” - Brent Preston

Read our Four Questions with Brent Preston to learn more about the Farms for Change partnership. 

For a deeper dive into the inspiration and journey behind The New Farm, check out Brent’s book, The New Farm: Our ten years on the front lines of the good food revolution

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