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People and programs 03/16/2018

We’ve got a lot of love for our friends over at the Culinary Tourism Alliance. A non-profit organization devoted to strengthening food tourism in Ontario, they’re all about building community within the food and hospitality industry, supporting a strong local food culture and economy, and fostering connections that lead to positive social change. At Community Food Centres Canada, we’re fortunate to partner with organizations like CTA who share our mission to drive the good food movement forward and fight for a better food system.

We’re thrilled to be the charitable partner of the Terroir Symposium—organized and hosted by the Culinary Tourism Alliance—for a third year. Coming up on April 23, the event brings together people working in food and hospitality, including chefs, hoteliers, food and drink experts, writers, and business leaders, to connect with each other, learn, and discover opportunities to do good in their communities.

We asked Rebecca Mackenzie, Culinary Tourism Alliance’s President & CEO, why her organization chooses to partner with CFCC, and what role the food and hospitality industry can play in supporting low-income communities to access good food with dignity.

“It is important to engage with CFCC as we need to continue to grow the value of good, clean and fair food for all,” says Rebecca. “Our industry has a consumer audience that needs to be aware of social issues, support change in our food systems, and support the work of CFCC.”

The Terroir Symposium provides an ideal platform to meet face-to-face, have important conversations, and start to create change. “Our delegates are keen to see how food connects us all, how food provides us with so much more than "fuel”— it’s the thread of a culture that weaves our stories together,” Rebecca adds. “Inspiring [Terroir attendees] to advocate on behalf of critical social and environmental issues will further all of our causes.”

A great big thank you to CTA and the Terroir Symposium for their amazing support. They’re helping to grow awareness of the Community Food Centre movement, and connecting us to more Canadians who care about food, culture, and community.

Learn more about the Terroir Symposium. 

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