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People and programs 05/19/2015

Our Good Food Principles underpin our approach to food programming and guide our and our partners' work. We believe that implementing these principles results in strong, mission-driven organizations with food programming that is centred around equity, dignity, and health. The Good Food Principles involve: 

  • Taking action from the individual to the systemic level: integrating programs in the areas of food access, food skills, and civic engagement;
  • Believing and investing in the power of good food;
  • Creating an environment of respect and community leadership;
  • Meeting people where they’re at; and
  • Aiming high for our organizations and our community

The Good Food Principles also form the bedrock of the Good Food Organizations program; members sign on to the principles as a commitment to realizing them in their programs.

We recently held a virtual training for Good Food Organization (GFO) members where we delved into how best to integrate the principles in programs. It brought together leaders from member organizations who were in the process of implementing the principles and wanted to learn from CFCC and fellow members about how to do it well.

Coming out of this recent training, here’s a taste of how our member GFOs are bringing the Good Food Principles to life in their local contexts:

  • All Things Food / Bouffe 360° (Mountain, ON) encourages participants to volunteer in programs, focusing on giving agency and leadership opportunities for those who access their programs.
  • Family Ties (New Carlisle, QC) ensures that good food is at the centre of all its programming — from the menu at their community meals and snack programs, to the food grown and cooked through their community kitchen and garden programs.
  • For Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House (Vancouver, BC), striving to ensure that programs are driven by the needs and interests of participants is always a goal. For example, their Aboriginal Family Night draws on the experiences and knowledge of First Nations participants to deliver a program focusing on healthy living and advocating on locally relevant issues.

Download the Good Food Principles, have a look at the poster below, and find out more about the Good Food Organizations program.

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