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People and programs 06/25/2018

“We were concerned with how much ‘free’ bread we were throwing out every day when we automatically brought it to every table.”

So, this spring, Toronto's Scaramouche restaurant launched a new initiative called The Bread Project. 

Now, instead of giving each table a basket of bread upon arrival, Scaramouche is now offering a basket of their housemade bread at a nominal fee, and donating 50% of the proceeds to CFCC. Through the Bread Project, Scaramouche is providing a higher quality of bread, reducing waste and raising money for a good cause at the same time. Genius! 

“Charging a modest fee seemed sensible to minimize waste and help improve quality," explains Carl Korte, owner of Scaramouche. "We’ve had a good long relationship with The Stop and Community Food Centres Canada, and it came to me that sharing the revenue with a charitable cause would quell any customer concerns about paying for bread. We have had numerous positive comments from clients who think this a great idea.”

Thanks to this innovative and generous idea, Scaramouche is helping more Canadians access food programs that build health, belonging, and social justice. 

Want to start up your own version of The Bread Project? Got another idea for an event or promotion? Get in touch!

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