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Latest updates 06/16/2016

Dartmouth North Community Food Centre has big dreams for their community: they're looking to transform a 20,000 square-foot field outside the Community Food Centre into a working community farm! 

From berry beds to community plots, Dartmouth North CFC is hoping their community garden will become a space that inspires, where people learn from the land, plants and each other, and all while enjoying fresh, healthy food. It will be accessible to all skill levels, abilities, and interests, and up to 90% of the farm's produce will go right back to feeding the Dartmouth community in the Community Food Centre's food skills and meals programs.

On June 12, more than 150 volunteers braved the wind and rain to kickstart this community farm at Dartmouth North CFC's Gardening Party. These dedicated community members raised a greenhouse, built farm beds and community garden plots, planted fruit and nut trees, and started work on their 'secret forest' for kids. 

“Community Food Centres are designed to offer the community a place where they can grow, cook and share food together. This is the beginning of a multi-year farm plan that will provide field to table opportunities for individuals and families living in Dartmouth North,” said Deborah Dickey, manager of the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre. 

Rob MacNeish, the farm coordinator for Dartmouth North CFC, is hoping this community farm will be a communal space for learning and connection: "The empowerment of growing your own food can be invigorating; growing food for other people is profoundly fulfilling. We’ll have food for passersby, and space for children to grow and learn. All the while increasing the food security and knowledge of food systems in our community." We can't wait to see this garden grow! 

How can you get involved? Learn more about Dartmouth North CFC's community farm, and donate to the project here!

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